LMDC | Personalised classes ensure we can help each student individually
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Our personalised classes ensure we can help each student individually with the dance styles they love. Our classes cater for pre-school children through to adults with a love for dance and are offered at our fully equipped studios at Warners Bay. Our facilities include three fully equipped, air-conditioned studios with sprung floors and waiting areas at our Warners Bay location. We also have a uniform shop onsite to supply class wear.

We provide tuition, classes and much more including:

  • Royal Academy of Dance Classical Ballet examinations and assessments from pre-primary to grade 8 and Vocation Examinations from Intermediate Foundation to Advanced 2.
  • Contemporary dance classes
  • Pullars unique tap technique exam syllabus
  • Jazz and hip hop dance classes
  • Specialised pre-school dance classes
  • Advanced Transitional Program
  • Musical Theatre
  • Leadership Program
  • HSC dance coaching
  • Solo eisteddfod coaching
  • Performance groups
  • Stretch classes
  • Private lessons available
  • Exam holiday school
  • 100% acceptance in HSPA School
  • Mid-year demonstration with scholarships awarded
  • Trophies for all students
  • Annual concert



From preschool children, aspiring dancers and adults, we teach with the same enthusiasm and dedication. We follow the Royal Academy of dancing syllabus and examinations are available. We help students develop the smooth connection of arms and body, core movements and development of strength in their legs and feet before introducing a number of jumps.

Petitestars Preschool Dance Academy has a mid-year demonstration and annual concert so that students can showcase their skills to friends and family.

Ballet training develops poise, grace, co-ordination and strength and the appreciation of music.

Junior X-Tension Step-up Program (8-11yrs)

This exciting new program is offered from Grade 2 Ballet level and includes Junior Ballet X-Tension classes, Pre-Pointe training using the Perfect Pointe Program, a chance to shine in our Performance Groups as well as participating in any of our Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, Tap, Musical Theatre, Acrobatics and Stretch classes. If your child loves dance, they will love this program, so please contact us for full package info.


Petitestars Preschool Dance Academy has a strong contemporary background with excellent teachers. Contemporary dance emerged as a style in the 20th Century and involves balance, fall and recovery techniques and has gained great popularity amongst dancers and audiences alike e.g. Sydney Dance Company. Contemporary is taught at performing arts high schools and at HSC level and the style has been made even more popular with television shows such as So You Think You Can Dance ect. Students from Grade 2 ballet can enjoy this style.

Advanced Transitional Program (12 – 17 yrs)

For our students who have reached Intermediate Foundation in Ballet and beyond, we provide a full and comprehensive dance education that will prepare students for their future endeavours.


LMDC is proud to be an affiliate member of the DanceStep program to create and empower confident young leaders. DanceStep guides students to be leaders and role models by covering assistant teaching skills, safe dance principles and much more.

For students in years 7 & 8, Wednesday afternoon is classical extension classes during normal school sport time. Older students can attend classes on Monday and a full day on Wednesday for a Certificate 3 & 4 in Dance, Certificate 3 in Assistant Dance Teaching. We offer both Classical and Contemporary X-Tension classes during these times.

Students are also invited to participate our other styles of dance offered including our wonderful Senior Performance Groups. Your dancer will thrive on the new challenges presented each week in the Advanced Transitional Program.

Jazz And Hip-Hop

Excellent jazz dancers explode onto the stage with energy and precision. A solid understanding of many traditional forms of dance is imperative to achieving the grace and balance of jazz. Students learn a wide range of jazz from the traditional style of Fosse to the latest trends. While hip hop has a more urban dance feel, made popular by mainstream music artists like Usher, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and many more, it is a dance style growing in popularity. Hip hop dance is a high-energy dance style performed to the latest hip hop, pop and dance music and can often include street or break dancing moves.

Musical Theatre (4yrs – Senior levels)

A vibrant and energetic class to enhance performance skills and develop confidence in every child. This program is part of our Fanfare Fridays which also includes Hip-Hop and Tap classes. Contact us for more information on this exciting class combination.


Petitestars Preschool Dance Academy can introduce your child to the joy of dance and music in Pre-school classes for girls and boys from 2 to 5 years old. Dance can help children build confidence, improve coordination as well as fostering important friendships. It is amazing how confidence and self-esteem from dance can transcend many areas including social interaction and later schooling.

Our Preschool classes are held in air condition studios and fully equipped private studios to ensure your little one is always comfortable.


Petitestars Preschool Dance Academy has qualified teachers in tap dance to help students turn dance movements into a rhythmic percussion-like display.

Students are taught through the Pullars Dance Academy Syllabus. Exams are offered which our students do extremely well in.

Tap dance often associated with the musicals and movies of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. In recent years it has been made popular by touring performance shows such as Lord of the Dance and Tap Dogs.

Adult Classes

Classes are offered to adults of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. Ballet, contemporary and tap are available during days and evenings. Dance classes are a great way to maintain general fitness, poise and strength through the body while appreciating different styles of music. It is a social outing and lots of fun! Ring Debra for more info.

Online Classes

Are you unable to take our normal timetabled classes for school aged children? Please enquire about our On-Line Dance Classes where class is delivered via online video. Creative Kids and Active Kids vouchers may be used to pay for these classes. Petitestars Preschool Dance Academy On-Line Dance Classes program is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.